In connection with the best

Plenty of ideas, solutions and joy come into being in collaboration with other people or organisations that move all of us a great deal forward.

Strategic cooperation

Long term cooperation with strategic partners allows us to work on interesting projects and meet remarkable people.

Riganti partner

Our partner company focusing on web, cloud, mobile and desktop software development on Microsoft .NET platforms. We're happy to share know-how with them, cooperate on projects or benefit from the excelent products of their work, such as the Riganti Utils Infrastructure library.

Update Conference

Together with RIGANTI we're the founders of Update Conference Prague - the biggest .NET conference in the Czech Republic. Thanks to that we're able to meet the world class experts in the area who help us not only get important know-how but also find clever solutions to current problems we face on our projects.

DotVVM framework

DotVVM is an open source frontend framework that allows to create rich UI application without the need to write repetitive code. Cooperation on the framework development allows us to save our clients' costs on implementing web information systems.

Infotech highschool

We closely cooperate with the INFOTECH - Střední škola informačních technologií high school in Frýdek-Místek. We have good relationship with students and teachers. We're happy to host some of the best students on internships in our company, allowing them to cooperate on real world projects.

We support other projects

We love when things happen around us. That's why we always enjoy to help transform a good idea to reality, be it by providing financial support or manpower.

Kubánkov run

The Kubánkov runers club organizes a yearly races called Spring and Fall Kubánkov. We are happy to have helped not only with organizing the event but also with additional activities for competitors in our Itixo chill-out zone. The friendly atmosphere and the joy in the eyes of all the runners is what makes this cooperation truly enjoyable.