At ITIXO we've created numerous software solutions that greatly helps our customers and their businesses.

London Theatre Direct

We've developed a robust distribution platform for ticketing industry, powering one of the biggest European live-entertainment platforms, selling millions of theatre tickets every year.

A platform that we've developed and operate exclusively for our client is integrated to tens of supplier APIs, consists of tens of web-based applications and hundreds of supportive internal services and is able to support a large scale ticketing business at a glance.

Industrial solutions

Our customized ERPs for metal processing industry is supporting multiple businesses with laser cutting, welding, sheet metal bending and other metalwork.

Our managed warehouse system tailored to the needs of food industry is helping some of the biggest dairy producers in the Czech Republic operate efficiently with milk products.

We've created a cloud-based digital signage solution enabling our customers to control hundreds of digital screens from a central control panel.


Our scalable reservation system engine and applications integrated with it have helped reserve theatre seats, travel agency tours or sport event participations.

A sport management software we developed and maintained enabled sport teams organize countless tournaments and competitions as well as present the members and their results in the online world.


Our video capturing, processing and live-streaming technologies help stream conferences, webinars or sport events with high quality.

Our cameramen, drone pilots and video editors have shot and produced high-quality video recordings of hotels, tourist attractions, golf courses but also sport tournaments and other events.


ITIXO is one of the founding partners of Update Conference, standing behind the biggest .NET conference in the Czech Republic - Update Conference Prague and tens of other events ranging from small meet-ups, through single-topic educational events to hybrid multi-track conferences in large venues.

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