We benefit from the hybrid architecture, combining dedicated server applications with cloud services. When it's effective, we build the bigger project using the micro-services architecture.

Business applications

for any customer solution

We develop web and desktop applications for office use. Also applications with forms for entering large volume of data, optimized for big displays. Warehouse management systems (WMS), resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management systems (CRM).

Client applications
for specific hardware

When designing an application for terminals in manufacturing companies, specific requirements apply. The applications need to be prepared for touch interface, for devices with decreased sensitivity or specific user interfaces.

The workers often use the terminals wearing gloves, some forms need to be controlled using barcode or QR readers, non-standard display dimensions or specialized hardware is used.

Complete API solutions

at both client-side or provider-side

On many projects we have been able to save human resources, eliminate human failures or increase effectivity by interconnecting existing systems. It's often possible to eliminate manually transferred documents, enable automated data exchange between you and your suppliers or customers, speed up order processing, track current stock inventory levels etc.

We have experience with on-line integrations under high load, electronic data interchange (EDI) in B2B relationships, supplier APIs aggregators and others.

Complete support

for your applications

We are aware that the existing systems often play the key roles in many companies. It's rarely possible to exchange them completely – either because of the economical or time factors. Even though it's necessary to maintain them, modify and extend the functionality so that the systems still support your business and the changes that your company is undergoing.

We are able to work with existing legacy code, we can orientate in it, analyse possibilities ranging from small incremental adjustments, through multi-step modernizations to a complete transfer to a more modern software. We have experience with big projects and can effectively solve the concurrent operation of both existing and new systems to smooth up the transfer.

Payment solutions

for any application

In the last few years on multiple projects we have implemented many mechanisms enabling you to accept payment from your customers.We are able to extend your applications (be it a new application or an existing one) with contactless payment terminals or integrate on-line payment gateways.

We have experience with modern payment methods and express checkout mechanism such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay or PayPal.
We have also implemented an e-shop accepting BitCoin payments.


for your project

We use a diverse set of technologies on our projects. If you're familiar with any of them, we're the right address for you!

.NET 6
.NET Core
Razor Pages
EF Core
Azure Service Bus
Azure Functions
Azure DevOps
Tailwind CSS

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We will be glad if you visit us in our offices to discuss possible cooperation. We treat everyone individually - we will be more than happy to meet you in person.

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